We believe that our planet is our home,
and we love taking care of our home and welcoming you with bare feet and open arms, so you can discover an experience where sustainability and comfort go hand in hand!

Bangalô Jardim

Some of our actions
to reduce our impact on the planet

Waste separation: We have installed specific containers lined with paper in our cabins to separate recyclable waste from organic waste.

Recycling: We allocate recyclable materials to recycling proces- ses to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Composting: We compost organic waste in giant composters to produce natural fertilizer and reduce the amount of waste.

Water treatment: We implement biodigester systems to treat gray water before returning it to the environment, and we reuse water from showers and hot tubs for garden irrigation.

Solar energy: We use solar water heating systems to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Vegan and biodegradable hygiene products: We offer shampoo, conditioner, and soap that are completely vegan and biodegra- dable, ensuring they do not harm the environment and contribu- te to the sustainability of our ecosystem.

Bangalô Jardim
Bangalô Jardim

Sustainable design: We design our cabins with over 40% glass to take advantage of natural light and ventilation, thus reducing energy consumption.

Plastic reduction: We provide free glass bottles and water filter stations to avoid the use of plastic bottles, and we prefer cans over “long neck” bottles for their greater recyclability and compactness.

Vegetarian food: We exclusively serve vegetarian options in our hotel, eliminating the consumption of meat and fish to reduce our environmental footprint associated with food production.

During your stay, you will receive a fully vegan and biodegradable hygiene kit.
As part of our eco-conscious practices, we include water reuse for irrigation.
If you have any questions, please consult us about the use of products other than those we provide.



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