Our Wellness

Explore your senses. Surrender to the experience of immersing yourself in your inner waters.

At our SPA, we create different experiences to awaken your senses during your stay. 

Bangalô Jardim

Massages & Treatments

Immerse yourself in a transcendental sensory experience, where time becomes irrelevant and well-being transforms into an exquisite art form.
Our invitation is to expand your consciousness, where you connect your body, mind, and soul.


Plan your stay for a personalized experience

Plants, oils, and their derived scents have healing qualities. If you’re on this journey, reach out to us to schedule an online interview prior to your stay*, and we can prepare a completely personalized experience.

*Interviews scheduled at least 60 days before your stay.

Bangalô Mar
Bangalô Duna


One of the oldest holistic therapies, inherited from ancient Japanese culture, it focuses on energy balance through the laying on of hands along the seven chakras that run through our body.

Akashic Records

Opening the records involves accessing a cosmic library that contains information about all souls, providing insights and profound understanding.

*Interviews scheduled at least 60 days before your stay.

Bangalô Mar


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