Yoga & Meditation

From here, we nourish our soul and expand our consciousness, cultivating inner growth and enlightenment through a diverse array of disciplines meticulously designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Daily, we offer practices of different yoga modalities, as well as guided meditations.


Kundalini Yoga

Prof. Adi Vedya

Experience the call of consciousness yoga, focused on energetic work through breathing techniques, mantras, and postures. Allow yourself to immerse in this journey of reconnection.

Bangalô Jardim
Bangalô Jardim

Vinyasa Yoga

This practice combines physical postures with mindful breathing, generating an energetic flow that leads to the release of tensions and fosters a heightened state of presence, among other benefits.

Guided Meditation

Prof. ADI VEDya

Led by seasoned guides, each session becomes a sacred journey into the depths of your being. Let whispers of tranquility and echoes of your soul’s desires guide you, as you shed layers of doubt and fear to unveil your luminous essence within. Join us as we explore the boundless expanses of consciousness, where every breath is an invitation to awaken to the infinite wisdom within.

Bangalô Jardim
Bangalô Duna

Tantric Numerology

Plan your stay for a personalized experience

Numbers provide us with a lot of information to deepen self-awareness. If you’re on this path, reach out to us to schedule an online interview prior to your stay*, and we can prepare a completely personalized experience.

*Interviews scheduled at least 60 days before your stay.


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